Offering the flexibility of single service complete electrical construction and project management for transmission, distribution, substation, lighting, commercial, industrial, military and government construction projects.

Northern Powerline Constructors, Inc. full range of services allows us to meet virtually every client requirement within our organization, offering turnkey overhead and underground construction, maintenance, startup and emergency services for transmission, distribution, substations, low voltage, lighting, and telecommunications projects. Our unique set of self-performed services and extensive experience are further enhanced by our nationwide network of Quanta subsidiaries.
Installation, repair, maintenance, and full project management of electric power transmission lines ranging in capacity from 69kV to 765kV.
• Installation, repair, and maintenance of electric power distribution networks.
• Energized installation, maintenance and upgrades utilizing the hot stick method, and capability to utilize the Quanta patented proprietary robotic arm.
• Expertise in remote location construction projects including transportation logistics for equipment, materials, and personnel.
• Construction, testing, commissioning, and full project management of substation projects, including high and low voltage systems.
• Installation, maintenance, repair and upgrades of roadway lighting systems, airport lighting systems and roadway signal systems.
• Interior electrical systems installation, maintenance, testing, repair and NFPA 70E Compliance solutions for the commercial, industrial, and military markets.
• Installation of fiber optic lines for voice and data transmission in underground and overhead systems.
• Installation and maintenance of joint trench systems, which includes electric power, and telecommunications networks in one trench.
• Technical and strategic consultation for electric transmission and distribution systems.
• Staff and equipment to perform partial discharge testing.
• Storm damage and other emergency restoration work.
• Wind, solar and other renewable energy collector systems.
• DOT projects, including under-bridge electrical distribution infrastructure construction.
• Site planning, permitting, civil work and trenching.
• Concrete pours and steel erection for support structures.
• Grid interconnection for distribution and high voltage transmission.
• High bonding limit with ability to bond to projects, including subcontractors.
Electrical Construction

In two separate projects, NPC renovated and expanded the substation in Nikiski Alaska that supported the Andeavor’s Nikiski oil refinery. This expansion was 2 different projects over 2 years. Year one was upgrading the underground infrastructure of the substation to add a second power transformer. The work included building foundations and the transformer containment system and installing additional conduit and ground grid. During year one this work was performed with the substation energized. The second project during year two consisted of erecting steel structures, installation of the transformer, circuit breaker, buswork, junction boxes, relay panels, wiring and cable.

Remote Location Expertise

Northern Powerline Constructors, Inc. utilizes a full range of services allowing us to provide the flexibility of single service complete electrical construction, repair, maintenance and project management services to some of the most remote locations of Alaska including transportation logistics for equipment, materials, and personnel.

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