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NPC has all the right resources – skilled workers & equipment, and administrative support
needed to deliver end-to-end network solutions for our customers throughout Alaska.


NPC attracts and retains some of the most experienced craftsmen, supervisors, project managers, and administrative support staff in Alaska. A substantial percentage of our staff have extensive and direct Utility and Industrial experience. Our experienced staff has afforded us the opportunity to foster successful working relationships with utility providers, state, local and federal government agencies, and General Contractors. Our construction workforce is staffed with IBEW Union members.


Procurement of long lead time materials is crucial to the success of any project. We understand the critical nature of this requirement and work closely with suppliers to secure long lead items such as transformers, switches, and high voltage cable. Recent global conditions have created an even more challenging environment for material acquisition. NPC has crafted valuable relationships with local and regional vendors and equipment manufactures to better accommodate our customers needs. Our goals are to:
• Work closely with suppliers to assure timely availability and delivery of materials.
• Receive material shipments into inventory.
• Securely store significant volumes of materials.
• Work closely with shipping and logistics partners to deliver materials to the jobsite, including extremely remote locations.

Equipment and Tools

NPC has a large inventory of construction equipment in Alaska. NPC also has access to the Quanta Services network of companies, with the capability to transfer equipment and tools from other business units and send this equipment to anywhere in the world. Some of the equipment available for high and low voltage construction include:
• Line trucks and Digger Derricks.
• Boom trucks with multiple lengths of reach.
• Backhoes, skid steers, dozers, and several size excavators.
• Dump trucks.
• Material handlers.
• Cranes.
• Tractors and lowboys for hauling equipment.
• Pickup trucks and flatbeds from ½ ton to 2 ton.
• Trenchers and reel handling trailers.
• Compactors, heaters, light plants, and other small equipment.
• Specialty tools, line cover and blankets, power, and communications testing equipment.

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