NPC is committed to providing a safe work environment

Northern Powerline Constructors, Inc. takes its position as an industry leader very
seriously. The employees of every NPC division work hard to achieve and maintain one
of the best safety records in the industry.

NPC is committed to providing a safe work environment for its employees as well as ensuring the safety of the public on NPC related work. Safety sponsorship has been established at the highest levels of our organization to ensure that employees at every level, including management, and in every division are accountable for achieving the organization’s safety goals. The goal of our safety program is to use all the training, equipment, and communication at our disposal to ensure that all our employees have the tools they need to make safe decisions every time.
Project Specific Safety Plans

NPC’s safety management systems are designed to help us get hazardous work done safely and continuously improve the quality of our work. Our goal is to complete all projects in an efficient, productive manner. This means incorporating safe working methods and strong safety consciousness by all our employees, supervisors, subcontractors, and related project personnel. Toward that end, we develop project specific safety plans that focus on:
• Safety organization safety goals
• Discipline policy related to safety
• Safety training
• Accident prevention activities
• Job Hazard Analysis
We use safety pre-project and pre-task planning, emphasizing the importance we place upon safety pre-qualification of potential subcontractors, as well as an intricate Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) process that breaks down each operation into steps, addresses the hazard at each point and prescribes abatement for each potential hazard.

Quanta / OSHA Partnership

The Electrical Transmission and Distribution Partnership is a formal collaboration of industry stakeholders, working together to improve safety for workers in the electrical power industry. Quanta’s partnership with OSHA is one of only a few national collaborations between employers and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. As a Quanta company we derive valuable insight and information from this partnership. Partnership goals include:
• Analyze accident and incident data to identify common causes for fatalities, injuries and illnesses suffered by linemen, apprentices, and other appropriate job classifications.
• Develop recommended Best Practices for each identified cause.
• Develop implementation strategies for each Best Practice and promote these strategies among the partners.
• Identify training criteria for foremen, general foremen, supervisors, linemen, and apprentices, including training to create industry culture change to place value on safety and health.

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